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The Technology War – Why is Apple So Secretive and Google Not?


Every day we hear about new technological wonder being introduced by the power players of the Silicon Valley, Apple and Google. These two companies have created some of the most innovative products around such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and a future iTV from Apple and Cheap Google tablets, Google Phones, and a future pair of Google Glasses and a driverless car from Google! Despite both being leaders of the industry they both have deep contrast between each other when it comes to secrecy. Apple is a very secretive company and does not show off any products till they are just about to hit the manufacturer for mass production whereas Google will show its projects months, years in advance to the public. So what business practice is right? Google, and in this article I will systematically show you why.

Apple has had a long history of showing products in the latter such as the introduction of the revolutionary iPhone. This does not seem like the right thing to do as it can leave to issues later. Take into consideration the iPhone 4. Most of its specs where kept at close guard till release in fact besides the apple brass and the manufacturers no one had contact with the phone. This led to problems being missed and when it was released to the public people had some serious issues. For example the people at Apple did not consider that people use cases on their phones or the way they hold them.  When people started using their phones issues with the antenna being blocked out and reducing the signal became apparent. Apple denied that it was an issue but the proof was right in front of the user. This secrecy led them to releasing a product that was not tested to its fullest extent and led to much costumer outcry.

In contrast the people at Google have been showing off their ideas and products well before any release dates. For instance the Google Driverless Car was introduced a few years back and is still being developed and perfected to this day. Google has given the consumer an inside look with videos and other sorts of media outlets to show the future. They have let people give feedback and are constantly learning from their mistakes. One day the Google Driverless Car will be out in public and chances are after rigorous testing and a lot of public and internal scrutiny that we will see a well-oiled and safe piece of technology!

Secrets do not really get you far and leaving your consumers in the dark can lead to multiple problems being found later. In the case of Apple we have already seen this start to happen and chances are one day they will make a huge mistake if they keep going down this path. A mistake that they might lose the consumers and investors, with that being said Google’s upfront approach makes them win this battle!


Hello, I am Vinny Piazza. A modern father and geek of sorts. Always exploring to learn and learning to explore.

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