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Slice Up Your Purchases

Image via graur codrin Shop online frequently, Slice is for you. Not addicted to the “BUY” button as much as others, you can still use it as a backup tool. Slice keeps track of things you buy all in one convenient place.…

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Recommended Windows Maintenance

 Run Your Anti-Virus: Ifyou're using Windows, you'll need antivirus software. There are many free andpay options available. For most reasons there's no need to pay for antivirus aslong as you are a fairly safe internet browser. Some free options are…

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Android for TouchPad

  CyanogenMod 7 Alpha3 (Androids Gingerbread) for TouchPad It looks and works great Below you will find instructions to install Android on the HP TouchPad with CyanogenMod7 using the Alpha3 release.   Image via Wikipidia This is not for the timid…

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