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Sort out Tech Decision Making

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It has become fairly commonplace knowledge that there are vast savings to be made while shopping for consumer electronics online. This is because of a multitude of reasons including economies of scale,lower overheads and less staff requirements. Consumers still often have the problem however of where to purchase their electronics online and by which attributes to compare electronics. Fortunately there are online third party services which act as technology consultants for consumers. These tech comparison sites take consumers requirements and present them with various alternatives from which they can make an educated choice. This is great when we’re presented with all this new future tech from the Consumer Electronic Show.

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Today is the age of information with the internet! Never have consumers had so much rich and comparable data available to them when making a purchasing decision. A good example is Sortable uses a very sophisticated technology system for refining consumer’s preferences and presenting them with choices. The interface is extremely user friendly and makes the process very easy with their point and click system. For example say a consumer is looking for a tablet computer, they would go to the sortable homepage, select tablets and choose a price range. This then brings up a screen which shows all the tablets in their comparison system. Each tablet is given a score which is compiled from its review score, specification score and search score.This aggregation allows for smart sorting of results giving consumers what is likely to be the best results first.
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Now comes the really neat bit, giving the customer ultimate control. You can narrow down results based on almost every factor possibly connected to a tablet computer. There are several categories of features to specify what you are looking for. Each category has many choices,most 3 or more. The customer works his/her way though these categories making choices to specify their perfect tablet. The site like a super-computer consultant then processes all this information and gives the customers several alternative choices based on their criteria.

The results displayed give not only the products ranked score and price but its advantages and disadvantages in plain English – no jargon.
Obviously this is a really useful way of comparing alternative products and gaining information at the same time. The site however also offers simpler options for sorting products as well. After all not everyone knows exactly what they want when starting to look for a TV,tablet, smartphone or laptop. From the home page you can also simply select the type of electronic or technology you wish to buy and the maximum price you are willing to pay. It will then give you all the results in its system based on your given information.
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So if you are a tech wizard or a normal price sensitive consumer there are very useful tools available to you at It’s one of the most highly evolved product sorting/comparison services available today. Like a personal consultant available instantly.


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