The Future of Personal and Business Computing

Have you ever thought about the future of personal andbusiness computing?

In the last decade, technology has been advancing at a fastpace and there are indications that this will continue in the foreseeablefuture. So, even though computer and information technology has changed ourlives drastically there is no doubt that these systems will have a greaterimpact in the coming years.

What we know:
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As we know, computers can process huge amounts of data andcarry out complicated numerical operations. Experts such as programmers andtechnology professionals can design computers to execute intricate instructionsequences with the use of various programming languages. As such, computertechnology has influenced many industries and literally transformed the world.

Now, both personal and business computers can efficientlyprocess, manage, store and organize large amounts of data while operating atincomparable speeds to significantly save time and energy. Furthermore,computers have multimedia capabilities to play music and movies; support mediastorage like DVDS, CDs, USB drives and disks. Education today is all aboutpresentations via PowerPoint and e-homework projects. In short, entertainmentand business today is all about the internet and computer technology!
When it comes to business computing, both large and smalloperations have grown significantly because of technology advancements. Thosein Information Technology Consulting will tell you that in a majority of thebusinesses the traditional systems for paper filing and accounting are a thingof the past. Now, anyone can sell products and services worldwide astransactions can be completed within seconds with a few mouse clicks, plusemails and mobile compatible websites helps to streamline sales andcommunications.
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What’s more the introduction of new technology like socialCRM and cloud computing are helping to shape the way that businesses carry outtheir operations. Essentially, cloud computing means conducting more businesson the internet, for instance, companies can use brand-new software instantlywith little cost and difficulty. Ultimately, technologies like cloud computing,wireless applications and social networking will
allow businesses to streamlineoperations to increase efficiency.

These are just some of the ways that computer technology hastransformed our lives, as this list could go on and on. Note that a technologyconsultant can provide excellent small business support, if you are yet tocapitalize on these advancements.
What we can speculate:
Although we cannot predict what is in store for the futureof computer technology, reasonable arguments can be made according to thelatest trends and advances. For one, it is reasonable to speculate thatcomputer systems will become even more powerful, cheaper and continue to floodthe market.
Some areas with lots of potential to exploit includenanotechnology, biotechnology and various other up-and-coming technologies. Thecomputers today operate with electricity, wires and transistors, but who knowsfuture systems might very well use light, fibers and atoms.
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In fact, this theory is not far off because there arestudies and researches being done to explore the use of meta-materials andcrystals rather than semi-conductors and transistors to produce computers withhigher speed and performance. These would be referred to as Optical Computers.Other changes for future technologies include DNA computers and Quantum Computers.

There are also speculations that tiny and powerful computersystems will emerge in millions in the future. What is scary about this is thatcomputing will become invisible, meaning that your personal interface could bea powerful network system operating from a single device in your body orclothing!
What we desire:
Well, for years many of us have been dreaming about havingcomputers all around to help with everything, both at home and at the office.As you can imagine, this would take the future of personal and businesscomputing to the next level. Just imagine that in the near future, our phonecalls will be made on the computer using head phones, microphone or webcam;computers will become home theater systems to watch all movies and televisionprograms and computers will control the heating, lights, water flow and manyother appliances in homes.

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Wait, we already have that. Calling using Skype or Google+Hangouts, home theaters using devices like Roku streaming from Netflix or Huluand home automation from companies like Verizon with Verizon Home Monitoringand Control and Google with Android@Home.
Basically, these are some of the things that people wantfrom personal computers and are in their infancy but the future will providemore options. In terms of business, technologies like cloud computing will takeover operations, plus large and small corporations will have technology tohandle every aspect of the business from any location worldwide.

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