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5 Magical Wearable Technologies You Haven’t Heard Of

It is a thrilling time being in the amazing world of wearable technology. The sci-fi fiction domain is becoming more reality then fiction. Gadgets that monitor movements are not just being predominant but advantageous to the well-being of us all. The following are some of the wearable technology.

Ping back Clothing

Ping which is the outcome of emerging technologies is clothing for social networking. It connects the person wearing the clothing to social media sites like Facebook. When you perform real gestures, swinging or bending your hands as well as moving its zipper, you can ‘ping’ your friends. Whenever they send you comments, likes or messages just make a couple of movements and respond. You may use applications on your smartphones to customize messages that are sent by sensor which track whenever your clothes move.


Intimacy White 2.0 – Studio Roosegaarde

This high-tech clothing becomes clear when you are turned on. It may give your date an unexpected treat. This dress is named Intimacy 2.0 and comes in black or white.  The dress is made with leather as well as smart opaque e-foils, which are blended with the wireless technology as well and LED lighting. When your heart races your dress loses its color gradually.

Wi-Fi Detection Caps

The latest addition of Information Technology is Wi-Fi hats. If you are in search for Wi-Fi connections in public places, the LED lights in the cap letting you know one is nearby. It will be showing you the strength as well as availability of the network. Even though you may need to remove it in order to check it is another reach into wearable fashion. This hat comes in 3 colors, 2 designs and batteries. The cost of Wi-Fi detection hats range from $14-$18.

Combat Jet Lag

Re-Timer is another wearable device and a complete proof of emerging technologies. It may be utilized to adjust the reaction of your body to light and helps combating jetlag. This device is worn as glasses. It emits green light and it is meant to mimic real lighting to prevent the fatigue as well as headache that regular passengers face.

Track Students

Wearable technology is surely an advantage. A few schools in the U.S have now implemented badges that have RFID chips to track students. School teachers and staff can know where the students are. This is great for field trips to locate missing children.

Fundamental Principles

Through failures as well as successes of design and research in wearable technologies and the electronics industry, the following are the fundamental principles that will take wearable technologies into the mainstream.

There is plenty of inventiveness in the current technologies that have been disruptive and push the limits on what can be done. However, moving ideas from the lab and into consumer’s hands is very challenging. There are few moments where you will want wearable technology being front and center while wearing it. Affix value by connecting to services as well as software and you must eliminate the geek factor.

Hello, I am Vinny Piazza. A modern father and geek of sorts. Always exploring to learn and learning to explore.

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