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A modern father and geek of sorts. Always exploring to learn and learning to explore.

Vinny Piazza Pier 39 in San Francisco California with Alcatraz and the bay in the background.
Vinny Piazza San Francisco California

My name is Vincent Piazza but everyone calls me Vinny, hence

I am interested primarily in making the best out of anything and anyone.  I am particularly interested in emerging technology, current technology, business, and investing. A modern geek of sorts.

My main competencies revolve around current and emerging technologies but my broad knowledge involves me in all aspects of everyday life.

Currently working at Jet Mail

In my capacity as Director of Operations I lead a team of diverse and dedicated individuals, working to align the team and resources to provide the best marketing production for our clients. We collectively provide marketing and sales teams with data-driven personalized print, direct mail and fulfillment. We expedite marketing production and help achieve greater customer engagement through personalization.

Worked at Bay State Envelope

In my capacity as Information Technology Director I was directly involved in the change of company principles. As the resident geek I am the go to for all things technology and more.

I handled Research and Development for leading and emerging print technologies. Some of these technologies include cloud services, automation, design, and file management. I have extensive experience with process automation allowing employees to focus on high-value tasks. Some of the automation processes implemented allow for the processing of hundreds to thousands of files daily without human intervention. Training is a great skill I have with self-made training guides that are provided to various departments.

In a rapidly changing industry, I am responsible for evaluating software and hardware while overseeing all information technology acquisitions and maintenance agreements. I have defined, delivered, and supported strategic plans for implementing information technologies.

The ongoing integration and creative uses of technology across the organization are my main functions but my job and ethic carry me across many tasks. At any given time, I may sort out accounting issues, implement new company wide IT and non-IT policy’s, and assist in choosing and implementing the future direction of the organization.

Specialties: Current Technology, Emerging / Future Technology, Automation, Digital Printing & Production, Technology, IT Management, and more.

Worked at OneBeacon Insurance

At OneBeacon Insurance I handled warehouse operations at the main print and warehouse facility before leaving for a more challenging and favorable opportunity. I trained and educated employees regarding proper work completion and company standards. I consistently monitored activities and provided important performance metrics through regular corporate reporting.

Over the course of my time at OneBeacon Insurance I worked on a manual / guide for Warehouse operations. In the last few months of my employment I updated this guide to assist with training and to be a resource when I was gone.


Lives in Bellingham, MA

From Sunnyvale, California


  Forbes Technology Council

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

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