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American Jobs Coming Back

Companies went overseas because they thought it would be cheaper with the low labor costs. Finally jobs are coming back to America!

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Everyone knows that products made in the US are a much higher quality. They don’t fall apart and they’re not made from cheap materials. Americans are higher skilled and many times more productive than overseas workers. Americans are also very creative and great problem solvers.

In order for companies to meet the demands and trends of consumers they have to be able to make products quickly. They can’t do that overseas and get the product to market fast enough. It takes months to revamp a product line and give the consumers what they want. Putting it on a boat only prolongs a products launch. The invention of twitter and other social networks gave consumers instant access to companies so they could tell them exactly what they wanted and don’t like in a product.

Shipping overseas is expensive but shipping domestically is significantly cheaper. The cost of labor has gone up significantly overseas so it’s not as cheap or as profitable as it used to be. Energy costs in America have gone down while overseas they continue to climb. Overseas transportation, oil, and political instability make it less attractive for American companies to produce overseas.

In America, the labor force has changed to a higher skilled more nimble workforce. The technology is here for companies to be able to compete and provide for their customer needs. Most companies would much rather do business domestically, so as the costs even out American businesses are transitioning work back home and creating more American Jobs.

There are some great examples of Made in America products. Maglite flashlights are American made from design to production. The best weapons in the world are made by American workers at American Defense Contractors. Great produce  fruits and vegetables, are best when grown locally. Chocolate anyone? Hersey Chocolate is and has always been crafted in America. Though not all parts are American, Harley-Davidson is still a great example mostly from American parts but definitely American Made.

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When you think “product” you may think something physical but Americans are vastly creative. The best Movies ever made are come right out of America. Movies like Avatar, Titanic, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars to name a few. The best software comes from America as well. Every day you probably use a computer with Windows, a phone with iOS or Android, or another form of software. The internet was also an American invention of sorts. Without it you wouldn’t have these other great American products; Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and Wikipedia.

There are also examples where outsourcing doomed products, companies and people. Cadmium tainted toys continuously haunt major toy companies and put children in jeopardy. Cheap extension cords cause countless fires and displace families from their homes. Chinese drywall that was used after hurricanes damaged a lot of the gulf used volatile chemicals that emitted sulfurous gases.

The most recent outsourcing disaster, Boeing with their Boeing 787 “The Dreamliner” is more of a nightmare. Years of delays, Billions of dollars over budget, hundreds or thousands of American jobs lost and an aircraft that has been grounded for the foreseeable future with no fix in sight for problems with the outsourced parts.

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In fact Apple manufacturing is coming back to America to build their merchandise. The access to the technology and highly skilled labor is far better than what they can get overseas, period. American made products are far superior to something made overseas. Why? They are built to last with high quality parts and made by the best highly skilled labor. Consumers prefer to buy something made domestically that is high quality. It is a better value for their money.

What does this mean for consumers? It means more money will be flowing through our country as companies focus on strategic growth and open jobs to people in our country. More money to spend, better products, and a huge focus on technology will result.

3d Printers and robotics are also putting America back on the map for technology. Utilizing this technology is needed for companies to make production faster. If a company is overseas they don’t have access to high skilled labor or technology advances. The advances in technology are exactly what is needed to stay on top of trends and give consumers what they want. Technology is also an American strong hold. While many other countries try their hands at inventing new gadgets, devices and other technologies, America continues to outperform all other countries in this field.

Finally jobs are coming back! It’s not fast but it’s certainly good for the economy. It’s great for good old fashioned American creativity and confidence. We are doing what we do best with technology and high quality products. You just can’t beat a product that’s made in America. I can compare a product made from overseas and you will see parts made from cheap materials and low cost low skilled labor. Consumers have much higher expectations domestically. They want products that are built to last.

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If you’re reading this and still believe it’s better to outsource I challenge you to head over to and try your hand Total Cost of Ownership Estimator

Jobs coming back to our country means more money for consumers to purchase products, American Made Products. It also means a company can focus on strong strategic growth using higher valuable employees who have a vested interest in building quality products and services.

It’s not hard to see why jobs are coming back to America.
Our country will be back on top again.

Hello, I am Vinny Piazza. A modern father and geek of sorts. Always exploring to learn and learning to explore.

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