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Android for TouchPad

CyanogenMod 7 Alpha3 (Androids Gingerbread) for TouchPad
It looks and works great

Below you will find instructions to install Android on the HP TouchPad with CyanogenMod7 using the Alpha3 release.

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This is not for the timid and without warranty.

The CyanogenMod Alpha3 release is unofficial, alpha-quality software. Installing it on your TouchPad isn’t supported or recommended by HP, CyanogenMod and/or any other party. Install at your own risk and with no guarantee that your TouchPad will be usable or stable once done. The instructions given below assume a degree of technical expertise. If you do hit problems, don’t expect anyone to help. You’re on your own.

If your TouchPad crashes or freezes during or after the installation, you can normally reset it by holding down the Home and power buttons together for ten seconds. If your system gets seriously messed up, you can perform a complete factory restoration of webOS using HP’s webOS Doctor tool.

NOTEIf your device becomes unresponsive press and hold the power and home buttons together for a hard reset. Takes about 15 seconds.

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Now Onto The Fun Stuff, Installing Gingerbread onto your defunct TouchPad.

1. Download and install the Palm Novacom software for your computer. HP website. Updated: GitHub

You may be able to do a custom install and only install the “HP webOS Command Line Interface Tools”.
Note: We had issues downloading the latest version of Palm Novacom so used the second newest version.

2. Next, download three files from the RootzWiki forum and one more file from the Moboot project.
Or click these links
Installer and Readme. Updated: ACMEInstaller2
CM7 Alpha3. Updated: CM11
Clockwork Recovery.  Updated: CWM
Moboot – Bootloader Menu

If you want to install the Google Android Market and Google apps such as Gmail and YouTube, you’ll also want the gApps installer for CyanogenMod. You can download it from from the CyanogenMod wiki. Updated : OpenApps

All told, you’re downloading 5 files:

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The latest gApps package for CyanogenMod

3. Unzip the ACMEInstaller file to the same directory where Palm Novacom “novacom.exe” is installed. Our directory is C:Program Files (x86)Palm

4. Connect your TouchPad to your computer with a USB cable.

5. On the TouchPad tap the USB notification symbol to mount your tablet as a USB mass storage device.

6. Open a file browser on your computer and create a new folder on your TouchPad called “cminstall”

7. Copy the,, and files into that directory. If you’re also installing gApps, drag tat file to the “cminstall” folder as well.

DO NOT unzip these files.

8. Now it’s time to reset your HP TouchPad. To do that follow these steps:

Tap the home button and then hit the arrow key to bring up a list of applications.
Navigate to Settings.
Choose Device Info.
Select the red Reset Options button at the bottom.
Tap the Restart option on the following screen.
Recommended: Google Apps
If you want to install the Google Apps including the Android Market and Gmail apps, scroll down to the bottom of this article for details on how to add those features.

9. Once the screen goes dark, start holding the Volume Up button. Don’t let go until you see the big USB symbol on your TouchPad.

10. Once your TouchPad is recognized, open a terminal and navigate to the Palm Novacom directory. On a Windows computer you can do this by following these steps: (Your computer might take a moment to recognize the TouchPad.)

Click on the Start Menu.
Type “cmd” (without quotes) into the search box.
A command window should open.
Type “cd c:” and press enter to get to your root directory. Again without quotes.
To navigate by typing in the directory Novacom is in. I.e. C:Program Files (x86)PalmSDKbin
12. Enter the following command (without quotes) and hit return: “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller”.

For the next few minutes you should see text running across the TouchPad.

When it’s done, the HP TouchPad will boot Google Android.

Congratulations Choices: You’re now running Gingerbread (Updated: Some form of Android) on your HP Touchpad along side WebOS.
In order to get back to webOS:NOTE: If your device becomes unresponsive press and hold the power and home buttons together for a hard reset. Takes about 15 seconds.

Press and hold the power button.
Choose the reboot option.
Then select “reboot to webOS” from the next menu.
During boot process use your Volume Rocker to choose webOS.

Alternately you can use the recovery options during the boot process by selecting the desired option using the Volume Rocker.

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