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Automotive Technology: Boon or Bane?

The Future Is Bright But Unclear For Car Technology:

Emerging Car TechnologyEmerging technologies for automobiles are increasing in number and they are appearing fast. This is a good sign of progress in the automotive world. There is the electric car and the smart car as well as other high technology features such as driver-less driving, internet connected automobiles, and more. Some were developed mainly for the safety of the driver and passengers, while others are added for sheer convenience. However, no matter how good the intentions are in making these automotive advancements as well as how amazing these current technologies are, nothing is still 100% safe and they are bound to bring along some drawbacks – just like what other people always say, “There are always two sides of the coin.”


The Unforeseen Repercussions of Great Automotive Technologies

  • Rear Window Defroster

The rear window defroster allows better vision outwards in conditions when the weather is icy or humid. This is very useful especially if you are living in a location where cool or icy weather is frequent. However, this may also bring a drawback, particularly for people who are living in locations where hot weather is also experienced. If the rear window defroster is left on in a hot weather, it can contribute to cracking the window and if unnoticed, this can be a threat to the safety of the passengers or the driver.

  • Drive-by-Wire System

A drive-by-wire system replaces the traditional throttle system in automobiles. By having the drive-by-wire system, the number of moving parts in your automobile is reduced significantly. The weight is also reduced while the operational accuracy is increased, thereby reducing the number of service visits as well and increasing fuel efficiency. However, automobiles with drive-by-wire system use a software to perform all of its functions. With this in mind, it can be said that it can fail, no matter how many times it is tested by the programmers and manufacturers. It can suffer from electronic malfunctions in its computer or sensors, hence leading to a possible automobile damage, passenger injury, or automobile accident.

  • Central Locking System

The central locking system is a safety feature added to automobiles. This system allows automatic door locking whenever there is a transmission shift to gear. It can also automatically unlock when there is transmission shift to park. Though that is the case, central locking systems all have remote key-fob transmitters that can unlock or lock a vehicle from the outside. That being said, such systems can still be prone to car lockouts whether you are inside or outside the car. On top of that, if the system malfunctions, the key-fob will be worthless and you may need to call automotive locksmiths to help you out.

  • Internet Connect Car Social MediaInternet Connected Automobiles

Internet connected automobiles are smart vehicles and they are definitely a joy to use. These vehicles have internet access and usually allow other internet access sharing to certain devices inside as well as outside the vehicle. Sometimes, internet connected automobiles also bring added features that will benefit the driver such as safety alerts, speeding notifications, and more. But one downside of internet connected automobiles is their vulnerability to hacking. Kaspersky’s principal security researcher Vicente Diaz has cited that the computer system of a connected car may be used by hackers to break in the car through remote door unlocking. Moreover, hackers can also collect information such as your password.


Many emerging technologies are developed to make driving safer and with the users in mind. However, none of these current technologies are made perfect. They still have their flaws. In this light, it is better for you to study a certain car feature well, know all the pros and cons, and strategize on how you can counter the cons so you can get the most of the technological feature of your car. Ask your automobile company consultant for more information.

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