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Buyer Beware – Black Friday

Black Friday is a time for savings. It’s a time where businesses aggressively target consumers to spend, then spend some more. Some deals are great and can’t be beat. Just make sure the deals are good deals. Do a quick Google search for current prices. One of my favorite sites is Amazon. Check them out for competitive pricing and great products. For example there are memory cards that are steeply discounted at brick and mortar stores. If you compare the same memory cards at Amazon you can get a card for a few bucks more and twice the memory.
During Black Friday you’d expect to wait in a long line, late at night or early in the morning. Dark and cold with no guarantee of getting what you’re waiting for. Most retailers are offering the same sales they have in their stores online. Yes there will be more people vying for the same product but you can also shop at multiple stores at the same time without leaving the warm comfort of your own home. If you’re not up to the typical Black Friday mad rush for sales, stay at home and stay comfortable.
Cyber Monday has a huge impact on Black Friday. Lately there have been more sales on Black Friday then in previous years. One could assume this is part to all the sales from the internet giants. Shopping online is easier and most of the time cheaper. Most online retailers have more of the product you want so it can be easier to get. That item that has caught your eye is not as far out of reach as it once was. With cheap prices and ease of shopping there’s also the addition of no sales tax. This is not true for all online orders but for most it’s like an instant 5% or more discount. Couple that with free shipping and it could be a great holiday shopping season.
Buyer Beware – If you shop by looking at original price vs. sales price you’re doomed to be duped. Do your own research on the products you want so you don’t wind up spending more than they are worth. Retailers are smart and as the consumer it’s up to you to be aware.

Hello, I am Vinny Piazza. A modern father and geek of sorts. Always exploring to learn and learning to explore.

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