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IFTTT and the Internet of Things

IFTTT and the Internet of Things

ifttt photoA lot of people use the internet for various reasons. The internet can be used to socialize with other people, send messages to far away friends and love ones, do research, and even shopping. However, the internet can do more than that. Without knowing it, the internet has actually invaded a lot of things in our lives. A couple of things that can explain this would be IoT and the IFTTT. Here is a basic rundown of these two.

Iot – “The Internet of Things”

The general concept of the Internet of Things is simply explained. It is the basic ability of connecting any device to each another or to the Internet. This includes coffee makers, mobile phones, headphones, washing machines, refrigerators, lamps, thermostats and most others gadgets and appliances you can possibly think of. Aside from that, the concept also applies to machine components such as an airplane’s jet engine as well as an oilrig drill. To sum it up, if the device has power, chances are it can be part of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a huge network of “things” which are connected and it can also include people. The basic relationship would be between things and things, people and people, as well as people and things.

IFTTTifttt photo

IFTTT, pronounced similar to the word “gift” without the “g”. It is a service that allows you make powerful connections with only one simple statement called the recipe. A recipe is composed of two parts – the trigger and the action. The trigger is the “this” part of the recipe while the action is the “that” part.


Applying the IFTTT service to the Internet of Things, people can carry and execute powerful commands even in the palm of their hands. Until recently, IFTTT could only be used on desktop computers, but now, with the continuous progress of the technology, it has reached smart phone and tablets making them more powerful and making our lives much much easier.


Here’s a guide on How To from the great people over at makeuseof: How To IFTTT


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