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MAC is Alive and Well

The Mac is hip and back in the groove, going from a solution for video editors, musicians and graphic designers into a monster machine. It’s able to go through everything that’s thrown at it. It’s intuitive, powerful, and lasting.

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MAC, Beautiful, elegant, a synergy with anybody’s home or office environment. Apple has transformed from a company hanging on to be relevant to the company everyone want to imitate, all over a short time.


It began with the release of the G3 (Blue and White) and iMac featuring a new processors and design that challenged the common. Giving MAC a leading edge was its diverse colors, novel designs and cutting technology. Pricing changed as much as features, leading to a great rise in sales. Coupled with the iPod, Apple looked to revolutionize the tech scene, much like in 1984.


Apple has changed their design, their supply, and their products in its continued rise to power all to please their customers. Making MAC more of a household name was a change in its processor.  The change to Intel chips in their MACs allows people to run Windows on their MAC, just as easily as running OS X, boosting sales.  The sleek and modern designs coupled with the latest technology, even technologies Apple has invented, gives MAC an edge against the best PC on the market.


Ease of MACs intuitiveness, connectivity, and all around design surpasses Windows based PCs.  With OS X, MACs can connect easily right out of the box.  Connect to the internet, peripherals like printers even connecting with the user so to speak. The fact that the Engineers at Apple think about how users will interact with their products and then design the software around this is something that makes the unlike most of their competitors.


Some will say you a better protected against viruses. To be honest their market share has protected them from the onslaught of cybercrime. In reality MAC can get viruses and will continue to grow as a target but that doesn’t make them worse than the rest. At that MAC still has the upper hand in there are not thousands of variants of viruses already out so cyber criminals will need to play catch up.

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So with all the good things about MAC why is Windows still more prominent? Well in business most programs are designed for Windows. So when people are working they are working with Microsoft Windows so they know it there guiding their decision to also have Windows at home. Maybe it could be Apple was not really contending to be Windows in the since of being adopted by the masses. This shows in its high build and design quality contributing to their high prices. This is the main reason most people give to not giving MACs a look when deciding on a new computer, pricing.


As shown in the past with the iPhone, Apple can dominate the market it sets its eye on. Windows Phone and BlackBerry now have minimal market share while Apple shares the bulk of the market with Google’s Android. On that same note, even with Apples head start Android played catch up very well. Technology changes so fast that as long as you can come out with a product that is far superior to the competitors and priced right you can corner the market.


With the iPadthey made the market. Tablets were out long before the iPad but they were not widely used. They were clunky versions of laptops costing too much to be considered for consumers. Then with the availability of the iPad came what we know as tablets today. Apple introduced us to thin, light weight, cheap portable computing devices. You cannot say Apple invented tablets but they improved them enough consumers wanted them therefore making the market.


To help dispel the concern on pricing one must remember what they are getting for what they’re paying. With MAC you are getting that great design both with hardware and software. The technology in it is powerful and capable of doing whatever you task it with. The incorporate the latest hardware which helps its longevity.


MACs have an amazing life expectancy compared to other computers. Most Windows based computers will last 3-5 years. At which 2 years in it is outdated both in hardware and software. Upgrading is costly and for hardware not usually practical after a certain point. Software OS upgrades are usually in the hundreds of dollars making in purchasing for a computer with old hardware not the best decision. MACs last 10-15 years, respectfully. Same as other computers updating the hardware in not practical but with it having the latest technology usually not even found in other computer selling at the same time there won’t be much of a need for a while. The software unlike Windows is cheap, well under $50, and easy to install helping you have the latest and greatest MAC OS.


So next time you’re out looking for a new computer don’t discount MAC. Look at your next computer purchase with an open mind and get rid of all pre-conceived notions. Whether you decide on a MAC or PC you’ll at least get the benefit of making the decision well informed and maybe with a better light on the options available.

Hello, I am Vinny Piazza. A modern father and geek of sorts. Always exploring to learn and learning to explore.

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