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How to Automate with Enfocus

This is a “How To” guide for getting Print Automation going with Enfocus.

Download (PDF, 692KB)


Running Indigo 5500

This is an in depth training manual helping train many Indigo Operators. The goal was keeping print quality consistent and production running smoothly allowing easy transitions.

Download (PDF, 2.81MB)


Warehouse Procedures

Over the course of my time at one of my employers I worked on what most would call a manual or guide for Warehouse operations. In the last few months my employments I updated this guide to assist with training and to be a resource when I was gone.

Download (PDF, 938KB)


Warehouse Usage by Cubic Feet

In an attempt to find the true cost of Warehouse operations and find an accurate cost to warehousing products I created this excel to determine costs. Using this chart we were able to not only understand the real costs of holding thousands of products but also allocate those costs to the different departments holding those products.

Download (XLS, 39KB)

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