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Samsung Galaxy S III -The Processor Difference

Samsung Galaxy S III -The Processor Difference


Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III (Photo credit: Sham Hardy)

                With the highly coveted Samsung Galaxy S III launch in Europe and soon in the United States there are some differences between models that stick out, leaving the consumer scratching their heads. In this post we will be going through the differences between chipsets and what the user can expect different because of this.

The Samsung Galaxy S III in Europe is launching with Samsung‘s Exynos 4 Quad system on a chip. This power variant seems to be the model that will be landing in most countries. In the United States Samsung decided to shift their focus to Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon processor. Now the reason that this is even happening in the first place is because the United States is revolutionizing mobile services with 4G LTE. This 4G LTE Service makes things such as browsing the web faster but Quad-Core processors (at least the ones Samsung uses) do not support this. If you are looking for fast internet and your phone provider supports 4G LTE then the dual core is for you. The biggest issue with 4G LTE phones is that the battery typically drains faster than those smart phones that use 3G speeds or below. If you are then looking for a phone that has better battery life you should consider getting the quad-core model.

When we look at performance side of the Samsung Galaxy S III either model should do for the normal user! The only time the processor battle can even be considered an issue is if you are a heavy user. Quad-core wins hands down if you are planning to run multiple apps with heavy usage. Simply put the quad-core will be able to handle strenuous loads that the dual-core cannot. When it comes down to it though, if you are a normal phone user who does not plan to be running a million apps (hyperbolizing) then this difference is not really felt. Single apps these days do not require much power on their own so you should not see a huge degree of difference if you are a light user with either variant.

To conclude, when it comes down to buying a Samsung Galaxy S IIIone must think about a few factors. Do you need faster web browsing and can you support LTE and if so are you willing to give up battery life? Then they must think about the amount of application they run. If you want to run multiple sets of draining applications then consider the quad-core otherwise it should not matter.  If you are looking for a power Android phone that can compete with the iPhone than consider the Samsung Galaxy S III!

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