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Slice Up Your Purchases

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Shop online frequently, Slice is for you. Not addicted to the “BUY” button as much as others, you can still use it as a backup tool.

Slice keeps track of things you buy all in one convenient place. It shows you your items in transit on a single map.
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Shop so much that you don’t always remember the site you bought it from. All your purchase info is in one place with Slice. No logging in to multiple site, search for receipts, or search through your emails.
Holidays, Birthdays, and other celebration where you’re buying gifts,Slice makes it easy to see what has been bought and track when your gifts arrive.
With credit statements you don’t get to see what you bought. Slice’s comprehensive info lets you see how much you’re spending on what.
Image via David Castillo Dominici
Easy returns, Slice will pull up your receipt in a click, refer you to the return policy and give you the customer service phone number for major merchants, right within Slice.
Always Up to Date
Linking to your inbox, Slice automatically updates your orders and shipments.
Price drop protection made easy.
We all hate to see after a purchase the price has dropped. When Slice detects a price drop from select merchants that honor price adjustments, they send you a notification. You may be eligible for a refund.
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All this and it’s FREE
Now GoSlice!

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