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Is Your Data Safe? Safe from thief’s, safe from yourself?

Many computer users in the home and business sector find hard drive storage space to be problematic. Storage is anoften requested small business support issue. There are several issues to beconsidered when it comes to one’s information storage needs. Firstlythere is the issue of capacity. With program sizes, the increased use of mediaand operating system space requirements many users computers are pushed forfree space. The other side of the coin is data security and vulnerability. If ausers data is stored on one hard drive or in one virtual space, it isextremely vulnerable. With the take down of Megaupload this is only more evident. If a hard drive or storage device is to crash then thedata can be lost permanently. Even small malfunctions can cause entire sectorsof a hard drive to “go bad” causing partial data loss or inaccessibility. Insome cases once data has been corrupted no amount of technology orpc support can revive it.

Fortunately with the increase in storagespace requirements and security needs there have been innovations to deal withthem. An entire industry in cloud computing and remote storage has sproutedrapidly giving computer users more space and security. Cloud computing andremote storage is basically a way of accessing information on your computerfrom a synchronized remote storage device. Cloud servers or storage can be usedlike a hard drive on your computer. As long as the user is connected to theinternet they will be able to access their additional storage.

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There are many storage services out thereand some are more reliable than others. After all, one of the main drivingforces behind integrating cloud computing or remote storage is security andreliability. Many people go looking to a Technology Consultant or a Small Business IT Support Firm for advice on how to best secure their valuable data.By talking to an expert you will be recommended a reliable and secure cloud service that is appropriate to one’s needs.

There are many great options out there. A great cloud storage service from Bitcasa offers completely unlimited additional integratedstorage cheaply. It is currently in beta but is expected to be opened to the public this year. This entirely deals with the first storage problem mentioned earlier -the need for additional capacity. It is extremely useful in that it is notassociated with a computer but an account. Therefore if a PC, Mac or laptopbreaks the user’s files can be linked with a new computer easily. This offerfantastic protection against the lifespan of your hardware meaning your storage isnot vulnerable to the fragility of physical technology.There are other similarservice such as Dropbox, Acronis and Crashplan. They all provide essentiallythe same service, however some of them charge on a tiered system. For examplewith Dropbox you get 2gb free and then have to pay in increments to increaseyour storage capacity.

Another service by Google is speculated to be released this year. It has long been rumored Google would provide the “GDrive” for data storage solutions. It is sure to be connected to all there other services from Google Doc’s to their Enterprise Apps even possible their Android device. With it being only speculatory we can only imagine its functionality but it sure to be a game changer.

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In conclusion, cloud storage andremote data storage is a fantastic, secure and simple solution to dataexpansion and protection. It is recommended as a low cost way to secure data and speed up data management.

Hello, I am Vinny Piazza. A modern father and geek of sorts. Always exploring to learn and learning to explore.

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