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US Response to Cyber War

Cyber Risks to the United States

Over theyears, there has been an increasing awareness in the United States ofactivities associated with cyber risks. In most cases these are invisible,unseen and undetected threats on our society resulting from the malice whichcomes with the advancement of the internet and technology. They rarely occur inways that would call for intervention by the government or military. However,these activities are becoming more widespread. With the increase in eventswhich present cyber risks to the United States, how long the government canstay out is unknown.


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Cyber Crime Business:

According toreports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there is a growingmarketplace for the selling and illegal trading of personal, business,government, and classified information. As cyber-attacks and identity theftbecome more widespread the likelihood of being effected is greater. The cybercriminals are unrelenting in their quest to exploit the cyber world and willstrike at the first sign of weakness. Ultimately, these activities lead tosignificant loss of money and information.

Dire Consequences:
Some of therecent events have alerted our government, including the President, as well asother world leaders about the possible confrontation of cyber-attacks whichwould call for the military to respond in real-time. There are some experts whobelieve that enemies to the US might use some kind of cyber weapon in order todestroy the electrical grid in United States in the next couple of years. For acountry that relies so heavily on electronic communications and guidance thiswould cripple us.
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It Gets Worse:

There isalso the belief when the US outsources a significant amount of the country’s ITwork to various other countries worldwide, this will lead to even more cyber risks.This is because cyber criminals and our enemies would have easy access to our authorizedIT supply chains and systems. Some current examples are the US outsourcedproject of designing our electrical grids, bridges and other infrastructure. Eventhough no definite examples were given, the present situation could bedangerous.

The Simple Truth:
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Theseconcerns are warranted because of the increasing risks to the US ITinfrastructures from cyber-attacks which originate from other countries. This meansthat an organized effort must be developed as a defense for cyber activities tofully control cyber intelligence nationally and globally.

Our National Response:
Based on thereports, the United States is prepared to respond when necessary to all hostileactivities in the cyber world using diplomatic, economic, informational andmilitary means that is consistent and appropriate to international law. Thereport further states that all options will be exhausted before the use ofmilitary force after assessing a number of factors including the risks andcosts involved.

The Bottom-Line:
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The cyberrisks of other countries to the US have definitely increased in recent times.Throughout the years, many organizations have lost a significant amount ofmoney and data. A number of measures have been introduced to reduce the risks. Preventative measures like behavior based antivirus, encryption, ID Tokens, threatdetection and more. Reactive measures like individual credit monitoring,malware analysis, even retaliatory attacks are implemented after an attack forsupport and protection.

The process is still ongoing to understand and uncover the present as well as the evolving phenomena in cyber world.

We MUST be cautions of our actions and reactions. We cannot turn a blind eye to the evolving threats we are presented with, But we cannot sacrifice our rights as Americans. 

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